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What’s on the Menu for this Valentine?


How about a Candle Light Dinner Date? Turn up the romance and turn down the lights.

Every year it’s the same old gifts and the same old parties, with a lot of glitz & glamour. Gone are the times of hand-written love notes and cheesy poems. Romance and love are more often measured in price tags while feelings are expressed only on social media.

How about something different this year? Ditch the usual trends. Take some time to actually talk, reflect and appreciate how much you both love each other. And the best part is, Pickaboo has taken care of all the planning and arrangements.

See Candle Light Dinner Packages on Pickaboo


They have hand-picked 11 extravagant restaurants for a perfect Candle Light Dinner with your loved one. With the guarantee to bring the wow-factor this Valentine’s Day and make it worth cherishing.

A Dinner date is the perfect “alone-time” both of you need in this busy life and it is also the perfect gift. You can never go wrong with the food. Tune into one each other’s life and catch up while spending a wonderful evening together. Let the candle lights create the perfect ambiance to put you both in the mood with a soothing breeze at the Six Seasons (Sky pool) or at The Roof Café.

Find Rooftop Candle Light Dinner Packages on Pickaboo


If rooftops are not your thing, and you prefer to stay indoors, you can try out different cuisines offered by Thai Signatures, The Six Seasons (Bunka), Hotel Bengal Canary Park, Steak House or Hakka Dhaka, the ambiance will accelerate the feelings. But if you like a little theatricality to your date, drop by Tong or the Live Kitchen and have a view of the kitchen.

Find Indoor Candle Light Dinner Packages on Pickaboo


Don’t go Restaurant hopping, their picks consist of a range of restaurants, from roof-tops to 5-star hotels, like Lakeshore or Six Seasons, catering different cuisine to fit your idea of the perfect night. They have small packages starting with a simple menu, to a more heavier one that is designed to quench your love for food. If you plan to bring more people with you, multiple packages can also be ordered from Pickaboo.

Order Special Candle Light Dinner Packages on Pickaboo


What can be more incredible than having a perfect candlelight dinner with your significant other? Making a moment special is not a big deal. Just a little effort is all it takes.

So wait for no further and order the perfect Dinner Package right now at Pickaboo.

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