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Turn Your Smartphone Into A Universal Remote

Smartphones can do a lot of things nowadays. They give us turn-by-turn driving directions, show us the best places to eat nearby, entertain us while we are stuck in a traffic jam and what not. But can we use them to turn on/off TV or AC? Sounds bizarre but surprisingly you can! A universal remote control is no longer a tech dream. Remember the movie “Click” by Adam Sandler? Yes! Now you have that in your hand.

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You can very easily turn your smartphone into a Universal Remote and control different home appliances like TVs, DVD players, stereos, set-top and streaming boxes, surround sound and home theater systems, air conditioners, and many other electronic devices. This smartphone remote will simply eliminate the series of remotes that you display in your living room table.

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3 Easy Steps to Install Universal Remote App on Your Smartphone

  1. First, download your required app from App Stores, install the app on your smartphone, and open it.
  2. The app will search for IR enabled appliances and devices on your internet network. Make sure all your IR enabled appliances and devices are connected to the same internet connection as your smartphone.
  3. Finally, click on the particular appliance or device that you want to control.
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10 Best Available Universal Remote Apps for Your Smartphone

There are numerous apps available for download from Google Play Store or Apple App Store that work with most smartphones to control IR enabled electronic devices and appliances at your home. Some just have basic functionalities while others can be programmed to control multiple home appliances and devices with just one tap on the screen. Here are the 10 best remote apps for your smartphone:

1. Google Home

Universal Remote App 1

2. Roku

Universal Remote App 2

3. Smart IR Remote – AnyMote

Universal Remote App 3

4. Sure Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote App 4

5. Twinone Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote App 5

6. Unified Remote

Universal Remote App 6

7. Xbox

Universal Remote App 7

8. Yatse: Kodi Remote Control & Cast

Universal Remote App 8

9. LG TV Remote

Universal Remote App 9

10. Peel Universal Remote Control

Universal Remote App 10

Features Required on Your Smartphone to Install Universal Remote App

IR Enabled Universal Remote Mobile Phone

IR Blaster is the only feature you required on your smartphone to convert your phone into a universal remote control. If you have this feature on your smartphone then all you need to download and install a universal remote app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to turn your phone into a comprehensive remote control.

This is as simple as that.
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If your smartphone does not have an IR Blaster feature, what you will do then?
We will cover it on our later blogs. Keep your eyes on PickaBlog!

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