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Pureit: Your Answer to Clean & Healthy Drinking Water

Safe and assessable water is vital for humans to survive. Polluted water causes some 1.8 million death every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera, jaundice, typhoid and dengue.

Plain tap water or deep tube well water may seem like the easiest and convenient way but most of these water sources are contaminated with pollutants such as Arsenic, Aluminum, Fluoride etc. that increase the risk of serious health problems.

Unilever Pureit: Best Solution for Safe Drinking Water

Unilever Pureit Bangladesh

Unilever Pureit gives you the promise of healthy and safe drinking water by using the advanced “6 Stage Purifying Technology”. Initially, the water passes through the Sediment filter, removing dirt and coarse particle impurities. Then the Pre-RO carbon filter removes the chlorine and organic impurities. The Mini Filter further purifies the water to remove finer impurities. Nest the RO Membrane removes dissolved salts, hardness, pesticides and heavy metals, bacteria, virus, protozoa, and cysts. The Micro-Filtration Membrane/UV ensures that the water is purified twice. And lastly, the Post-RO Carbon filter enhances the taste of the purified water. Visit “Unilever Pureit” for more details.

The unique Advanced Auto Start and Shut Off Mechanism with Overflow protection automatically stops water flow when the capacity has expired to make sure no one drinks unsafe water.

Water Purifier in Bangladesh

Recognized as the most widely used and affordable water purifiers, Pureit has received global recognition in over 9 countries by USEPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency), tested by numerous global organizations in UK, India etc. Pureit has also been validated by BCSIR (Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research) in Bangladesh.

Unilever Pureit’s revolutionary products are built using the most innovative technologies like RO, UV, MF, and Oxytube. With their latest range of indoor Water Purifiers, Pureit aims to provide smart ways to fulfill their promise of purity. Whether you prefer electric water purifier or non-electronic water purifier, Pureit has a wide range of choices to fit your needs.

Unilever Pureit Shop in Bangladesh

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