Top Ten Smartphones 2016

If you think about some trendy technologies in Bangladesh at 2016 then awesome smart mobile phones from various brands are the superb attractions of last year.

10 Best Mobile Phones of The Year 2016

For an overall snapshot of latest mobile phones of previous tech year we are showcasing top ten smartphones of 2016:

10. Motorola Moto Z Play

Motorola Moto Z Play is the thickest and heaviest phone in the Moto Z series. It also includes fingerprint feature. It has innovative magnetic clip-on accessories – a simple snap on the cover can transform this phone into an impressive standalone camera, music player or even projector.

Motorola Moto Z Play mobile in Bangladesh

Release Date: September 2016

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9. Google Pixel

Google Pixel smartphone is the perfect phone for Android aficionados. This phone has a fantastic camera, especially in low light. It’s elegantly designed. Google Assistant takes one of the most natural, human approaches to answering your voice. Moreover, if you’re wary of Samsung or looking for a worthy iPhone alternative, the Google Pixel is the high-end Android phone to get.

Google Pixel in Bangladesh

Release Date: October 2016

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8. OnePlus 3

The Gigantic 6 GB RAM gives you the best result for all your needs, high-speed gaming browsing you name it; this phone can handle it all. To top it all it has a fast charging / DASH Charging you can go from 10%-100% within 20 minutes.

OnePlus 3 in Bangladesh

Release Date: June 2016

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7. HTC 10

This phone has attractive iconic design and the fantastic version of android. Best phone for music by far in the market. Fast charging feature also included in this phone.

HTC 10 in Bangladesh

Release Date: May 2016

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6. Motorola Moto Z

It’s the world’s thinnest phone at 5.19mm in so-called “thickness”, and it feels unbelievably thin to hold. It has five practical, modular accessories – more than I have seen with the add-on-deprived LG G5.

Motorola Moto Z in Bangladesh

Release Date: September 2016

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5. Apple iPhone 7

Apple iPhone 7 is fully water-resistant and the camera takes notably better photos, especially in low light. Battery lasts a little bit longer and the processor is definitely faster than iPhone 6s.

iPhone 7 in Bangladesh

Release Date: September 2016

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4. LG G5

LG G5 is an innovative bang of LG. The removable battery makes your using experience hustle free. Wide angle camera allows you to take the perfect picture. Moreover, this phone has super performance.

LG G5 in Bangladesh

Release Date: April 2016

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3. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Best creation of Apple giving you a whole heap of power, water resistant body, not one, but two cameras on the back and super slick performance.

iPhone 7 Plus in Bangladesh

Release Date: September 2016

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2. Samsung Galaxy S7

One of two five-star phones from Samsung. The phone is improved from Galaxy S6 and has a fantastic screen, super power battery to give its user best experience. The phone is secured with a fingerprint. Initially, it looks like S6 but when you will pick it up, you will find the world of differences.

Samsung Galaxy S7 in Bangladesh

Release Date: March 2016

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1. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Best smartphone of Samsung of 2016. The screen just looks perfect because of its curved edges. Not to forget the camera performance is super and it works great in low light. If I had to rate the phone it would get 10/10.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in Bangladesh

Release Date: March 2016

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