Top 5 Android VR Apps to Enjoy in VR Headset

Virtual Reality headsets that use a smartphone as the power behind the VR experience proving very popular nowadays. And now it’s mostly up to the app developers to take advantage of this unique entertainment opportunity. Google Play App Store is the hub for almost all Android apps that claim to show the virtual reality and many of them are also free. If you are getting started with VR on your mobile phone, here are five best Android VR apps to explore. These are regular Android VR apps rather than ones requiring high configured mobile devices. Usually, most of the recent phone models with a gyroscope sensor and 4 to 6 inches screen are supported.

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Google Cardboard App

Google Cardboard is one of the most exceptional apps that you can choose among Android VR apps. If you are looking for the hub where you can get all the Android VR apps from paid to demo to free then Google Cardboard is here for you. Google’s free app is a magnificent intro to Virtual Reality World where you can get many cool apps like VR Google Earth to many regular apps like VR video player. Only one thing you need to keep in mind before downloading and installing any app is whether your chosen VR apps are compatible with your Android device or not. Simple as that.



Most probably every Virtual Reality Geeks like you know about YouTube’s extensive collection of 360-degree videos. Then you may also know that some VR Android apps can turn any of these 360-degree videos into awesome VR experiences with just the tap of a button. All you need to start playing your favorite compatible video which is totally free then turn it into a full VR and enjoy the video to full extent. If you own a Google Daydream-compatible device then you can go for dedicated YouTube VR app to get full VR experience from beginning to end. That will let you watch 360-degree videos as VR experience and also regular clips in a virtual movie.


Google Cardboard Camera

With Cardboard Camera app you can capture 3D 360-degree virtual reality photos anytime anywhere. Just like Google Cardboard app, it works with any smartphone you already own and it’s available for iOS as well as for Android. Cardboard Camera app enables you to capture something similar like a three-dimensional stereoscopic panorama that you can view with any compatible devices. You can also share your wonderful VR photos with your friends and family on both iPhone and Android devices with ease. You can also record audio so that your friends and family know what they are actually looking at.


“Chair in a Room” Game

If you are looking for any apps or games that are rated high than “Chair in a Room” is one of the highest-rated games you can grab for your Android VR device right now. The name may not sound thrilling, but the game has a horror backstory and it builds tension as you explore the fearful space within the game. A new frightening story was added recently and much more coming in future for more excitement. For disclaimer, the game’s graphics might not work properly on less powerful mobile phones but since it’s free therefore worth trying.


Google Arts & Culture

Experiencing the world’s arts and history just got a little easier and funnier than ever before, huge thanks to Google’s newly launched Arts & Culture app. With this new outstanding tool, you can virtually discover artworks and artifacts all over the world and you can engage yourself in cultural experiences across art, history, and wonders of the world with over 1,200 international museums, galleries, and institutions from 70 countries. You can take virtual tours of museums and historical sites via online also. This application is available for both iOS and Android devices.


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