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Times When You Wished You Had Printer At Home


Don’t you feel annoyed every single time you have to stand in the long queue for printing assignments? And that same time you wished you had your own printer. These are five times when you wished you had a printer at home:

(1) The night before the deadline for assignments:

Assignments and Reports are one of the things we all love preparing in the last minute, don’t we? Even if we are given over a month for preparing them, we will do it the day before. Even after being able to complete it the night before, printing then becomes a hassle. Either the stationery shops are all closed in the morning or you have to maintain a huge queue before you can print your assignment. Not only that, you have to spend a quite lot for printing and binding them. Wouldn’t it be all better if you could print them at your home?


(2) When you are out of your page limit:

200 Pages per semester! Engineering and Business School students have to print a lot of handouts each semester. The limit set by the authority might not seem enough. Even your friends run out of their limits. Then you end spending a huge amount of your pocket money on printing.


(3) When studying from softcopy is not an option:

Most of the students remain under a lot of stress the night before. And the worst is not having important lectures on hand. All you can do at that point is read the lectures from your laptop or smartphone. But then again we all love to study from the hardcopy.


(4) When it is about quality:

Graphs, charts, and diagrams need to be printed in color. What if every page in your assignment has those? It would take Tk. 10 to print each page in the local retail. You have no choice, give your assignment a monochrome look. Neither you nor the faculty is satisfied. Wouldn’t it be all better if you printed your assignment in color?


(5) Times when you are lazy:

Don’t you hate when you have to get up, get dressed and go out, just to get a printout? I guess we all do. Having a printer at home means you can print all the personal documents like VISA Application Forms, Passport Registration Form, Admission Forms etc.


If a printer could solve these problems then why wouldn’t you buy one? Buy a printer; connect it to your PC then see how easy these last-minute chores become. These could potentially get you a better grade or save from a retake.

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