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Things You Need To Consider Before Buying Air Conditioner

As summer season still not arrived yet but already you can fill the heat of summer in your home and office atmosphere. Therefore, to enjoy cool and chill air in your living environment you must need an air conditioner.


There are few factors you need to consider when you buy an Air Conditioner:

  1. At first, find out your usage patterns. That includes how many hours a day you are going to use the Air conditioner? Or will you use it through the year or during specific periods only (say summer)? Another thing you might consider that how many people will be in the room when AC is normally used?ac-12
  2. Then identify the type of room you will cool with it. That includes what is the area of the room to be cooled? How high is the ceiling? And does the ceiling receive direct sunlight? How many windows face west? And how may walls of the room receive direct sunlight? Most importantly how many furniture, stuff and electrical appliances are kept in the room?ac-4
  3. There are some environmental factors as well. What is the ambient temperature outside? Also, what is the humidity level in your area? Is the air corrosive (Polluted, Saline)? Environmental factors in Bangladesh are a bit critical as of the changing six seasons.Soggiorno con aria condizionata con comando a distanza
  4. You also need to find out which AC type will be perfect for your home and office. There are generally two main types of air conditioners available, Split type and Window type. The main difference between the two is that window air conditioner has a single unit whereas split air conditioner has 2 units (indoor and outdoor). The split is a lot more silent in operation as compared to the window and looks aesthetically pleasing, but is relatively more complicated to install and requires more space as compared to window air conditioner. On the other hand, you may face wall breaking and fixing hassle while installing window
  5. This is one of the most important things which you should start looking into the brands. This is the condensing coil inside the cooling unit. Buying AC with Copper tubes is highly recommended. Split AC with Aluminum tubes may cost less, but it cannot be repaired once it starts to leak. Copper tubes are superior to aluminum tubes because of its superior strength, reliability, easy to maintain, and good heat transfer
  6. Another smart way to identify perfect air conditioners for your home or office is to measure AC efficiency. The efficiency of the air conditioner is measured in EER (energy efficiency rating). In simple terms, it is the ratio of cooling power (commonly known as tonnage) to the input power consumed. Tonnage is a measure used to identify the cooling capacity of an AC as per size and demand of the room.
  7. Now another most important thing to consider nowadays is which AC technology your air conditioner is using. In a regular air conditioner, the compressor is either off or on. When it is on, it works at full capacity and consumes full electricity it is designed to consume. The compressor stops and the fan (in AC) continue to operate when the thermostat reaches the temperature level set in the AC. And the compressor starts again when the thermostat senses that the room temperature has increased. In an Air Conditioner with Inverter Technology, the inverter technology works like an accelerator in a car. When compressor needs more power, it gives it more power. When it needs less power, it gives less power. With this technology, the compressor is always on but draws less power or more power depending on the temperature of the incoming air and the level set in the thermostat. The speed and power of the compressor are adjusted appropriately. This technology is currently available only in split air
  8. Always remember AC is high maintenance product, especially Split air conditioners. You also have to consider the cost of repair and after sales service of the brand, you purchase. It’s always better to go for a comprehensive extended warranty and maintenance plan for any AC you
  9. Some air conditioners have other features, such as sleep mode which automatically adjusts the temperature during the night, or timers which help you to turn an AC on or off on schedule, or auto restart which restores original settings when power is restored. But extra features also mean you will have to stretch your budget, so check which feature you really need and how much you are willing to pay more for
  10. The checklist you need to go through just before making the final decision –
    • Compressor – Rotary compressors are more efficient and quieter than reciprocating ones but are difficult to repair and also cost more.
    • Fan – Check if the AC comes with variable fan speeds; you might want to use different speeds for different times of the day.
    • Dehumidifier – It reduces the amount of humidity in the room. Check for a humidity control button.
    • Filter – A deodorizing filter removes odor; electrostatic filter clears dust particles; an antifungal one removes bacteria; ionization filter clears dust and germs.
    • Noise level – On average, this range from 30 decibels to 60 decibels. The higher the AC capacity, the more the decibels.
    • Thermostat sensitivity – This determines how closely a unit can maintain a given temperature.

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