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Smart Traveling Hacks for Tourists

Since the dawn of exploration, travelers have been finding ways to simplify and streamline their adventures. Today, we call this “travel hacking,” and a few important tricks can save you a lot of time, space, and money. Here are some hacks you can use it.

Five Superb Life Hack Techniques

Read below 5 awesome tricks which can make your life very easy whether you are a traveler and out of resources in your temporary leaving place or a very busy person who always tend to make life easy and save time:

Not Loud Enough & Can’t Wake Up Early! Then Make It Louder with iPhone 7 Amplification Technique

If you’re a heavy sleeper and have trouble waking up in the morning to your phone’s alarm, just put it in a glass or a cup and the sound will be louder. This works because the sound will resound inside the glass. It may not be the world’s most pleasant amplification technique, but it works great for an alarm.


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Solve Your Charging Problem with TV USB Port & USB Cable

If you forget the wall plug-in for your phone charger, try to find a TV that has a USB port on the side or the back of it. Plug your cable into it and charge your phone. Get hold of these cool travel chargers to make life easier!!


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Make Your Life Easy with Some Handy Kettle Cooking Techniques

Eating meals at restaurants or ordering room service day after day becomes quite a bore. If you’ve got a kettle in your hotel room, you can do anything if you do faster. Use one meal and make it the highlight every day. You can use hot water and some added ingredients like noodles, rice, some light vegetable etc. You don’t need to eat like a king every time to enjoy your travel.


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Save Your Time Every Day with Some Handy Iron Using Techniques

Sometimes, you just don’t want to leave the hotel. You want nothing more than a simple home-cooked meal. With these amazingly creative hotel tricks, you’ll be able to cook yourself a healthy meal using an iron, appliances that are readily available in most hotels. All of this requires tin foil and steady hands, but theoretically, you can make anything from a grilled cheese sandwich to chicken and eggs with your hotel room’s iron.


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Use Dryer Not Only for Hair Drying But More

Use your hair dryer to stretch out a pair of shoes that are too tight. Put on your shoes wearing a pair of thick socks. Blow hot air onto your shoes focusing on the areas where you feel the most discomfort. Jerk your toes around while heating up your shoes to make them expand.


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