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Save Your Money at Pickaboo Mobile Mela


Looking to save a few bucks from your Eid Shopping, well you can save a lot more at Pickaboo Mobile Mela if you just follow these simple steps and tips given below while buying your mobile phone from – 

Sign Up:

Once you Sign Up and create your own account at, you are immediately gifted with 2500 Reward Points from Pickaboo. Every 100 reward points are equivalent to BDT 10 that means you will get BDT 250 in you Pickaboo account instantly right after sign up.

Special Offers:

You can buy all your favorite mobile phones with up to 67% discount at checkout. Along with that, you can get splendid gifts and special offers from shopping at Pickaboo Mobile Mela.

Brac Bank:

Brac Bank credit card holders can enjoy some extra facilities. Brac Bank credit card gives 5% additional discount to the customer on every transaction at Pickaboo Mobile Mela.

Friday In-store Sale:

Pickaboo in-store flash sale is specially designed for the customers of Mobile Mela. You can get special price offer on your desired mobile phone and can experience & purchase on spot from the Pickaboo office premises. If you are one of the first 200 customers at Pickaboo in-store flash sale then you can get exciting gifts from Pickaboo.

Discount Codes:

For every purchase (cumulative or individual) of BDT 5000 and above, you will receive a discount code which you can use in your next purchase.

Gift Cards:

Use gift cards for more discounts. You may get gift cards on your purchases from mobile mela. By using one gift card you can get at least 500 taka discount on any purchase.

Earn Club Points:

For every transaction at, you get Club Points, which can be used at the checkout to earn even more discounts on your future purchases. So, buy your mobile phone from Pickaboo mobile mela and simply earn more club points.

Office Collection:

Earn more Club Points just by picking the product on your own from the Pickaboo office premises. For every Office Pickup, you can earn 100 Club Points.

Online Payment:

You can earn 200 Club Points just by making your payment online through Visa, Amex, and MasterCard. Use these club points to get discounts on future purchases.

Customer Review:

One easy trick to get more discounts is to give a review on your mobile phone purchase from Pickaboo Mobile Mela through that you can earn Club Points and use it later on.

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