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Ramadan Essentials in this Summer Heat


Has the Summer Heat made you break a sweat and lose your cool in this holy month of Ramadan? Beat the Heat of this Ramadan with these few essentials recommended by PickaBlog – 

Keep Your Home and Head Cool:

A good quality Air Conditioner is a must-have this summer. Don’t let your loved ones ruin their Iftar in this summer heat. Online retailers keep having various offers and discounts. Make the best of them this holy month and give your family the blessing of the good home.


If Air Conditioners are not your thing, switch to a more economical option:

When we say Air Coolers, we think of something like a cooling fan. However, Air Coolers have been upgraded with the best possible features to provide the best performance and quality.


Stay Hydrated:

Nothing is more important in the summer than to stay cool and hydrated, and even more so, this Ramadan with all the Heat-waves. Treat your family to pure and safe drinking water by bringing home the best Water Purifiers to boost up their health at Iftar. Or maybe you want to bring a little variation to your Iftar table this year with fresh fruit juice, prepared without the mess and the hassle of doing it by hand, just use Juicer.



Eat Real Food, Not Processed and Junk Foods:

No matter how attractive those restaurant banners and offers might seem, treat yourself to better quality food from home. This year skip the fried, oily and unhealthy food. Cooking at home has never been so easy with the state of the art cookeries and kitchen appliances. Everything can be prepared at the touch of a button (or two).


Save Your Home from the Effects of Load Shedding:

For those of us living in Bangladesh, we are no strangers to the concept of Load shedding nor the long hours spent baking in the heat, hoping for the electricity to come back. The experience is twice as terrible when you are fasting. Why take the risk? Invest in a good quality and high performing IPS and wake up for Sehri to a well-lit home.


Avoid Overeating at Ifter:

After fasting for the whole day, it is very natural and often is the case of overeating. The starved brain tricks us to eat more than necessary. Only after the harm is done, we realize what we have done. Overeating not only causes momentary unease but may also cause long-term problems.


Satisfy your sweet cravings the right way:

If your one with a sweet tooth, and crave something sugary for your Iftar. Do not give in to artificial sugar and sweetened things. Make something healthy for your Iftar, or the best way to treat yourself to something sweet is chopped fruits or slushies. If the thought of knives and chopping is what scares you, have no fear. No more shall you have to resort to primitive tools when there are blenders and choppers available.


Last but the most important, spend as much time as possible with your family:

Amidst all the city hustle, work, responsibilities, fighting through traffic and duties, do not forget to perform the most important duty of all; spend time with your family and loved ones. Try to plan your work and other responsibilities around the Iftar time, so that you and your family can all sit and have Iftar together.



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