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Pickaboo Club: An Exclusive Membership Program


All things finest from are gathered at the Club to be enjoyed by the special few. The Special Loyalty Club Program allows the customers to enjoy some of the most exclusive features. This Program lets the members avail a range of limited offers while earning club points, and discounts, which will only be offered by Pickaboo and its partners.

The Pickaboo Club Member will enjoy a bundle of rights and privileges of the Club facilities. The Membership offers exceptional value for money and gives access to unlimited offers & discounts in various restaurants, resorts, hotels, movie theaters, gyms, spas, airlines and many niche fashion stores.

The Club hosts three types of memberships starting from the minimum accumulated Club Points to the highest. The Memberships are as follows:

Silver Membership


The Silver Membership is the perfect starter package for those who want a taste of what the Club is about. The holder must have at least 15,000 Club Points to enjoy the exciting offers and deals available only to the Club members.

Gold Membership


However, the Gold Membership may be more suited for those, who like to enjoy the greater things in life. This Membership allows the member to bask in the exclusive treats offered by the Club. But in order to avail the facilities, the member must have a minimum of 30,000 Club Points.

Black Membership


Lastly, the Black Membership is the elite package for, only a limited number of Members who only like the finest things in life. This Membership offers all the best Club facilities and the highest priority. The elite package also allows the Member to enjoy special privileges offered by the Club. The member must also have a minimum of 50,000 Club Points.

All three memberships can also be bought if any member does not have enough Club Points, or wishes to upgrade their status.

Enjoy Exclusive Membership Program at Pickaboo Club

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