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Will Nokia Survive This Phase?


Nokia was once a household favorite name and has set out once again, to take back its title. The Finnish company always held a soft corner in everyone’s heart, with their unstoppable range of trustworthy and sturdy phones and unique features such as the ‘Snake’ mobile game. Phones that inspired thousands of viral memes in modern days and influenced lifestyles in the past. Truth be told, Nokia’s operating system transitions from Symbian to Windows to Android was a quite a hectic journey. It seems that the company has made peace with its ghosts, leading to the production of three Android Nokia Phones this year.

Nokia lovers have long been biding their time until they could get their hands on original Nokia productions. This decision could either make-it or break-it for them. For a company that has lost almost all of its customers, is being welcomed back with great enthusiasm. Nevertheless, like how there’s always light at the end of a tunnel, such has proved true for Nokia as well. Their recent attempt to take back that sweet spot in our hearts and the international market is proving to work out very well with their new game plan.

Back in 2010, Nokia was under massive heat as Android and iOS continued to take over the market. Other Symbian OEMs like Samsung and Sony Ericsson switched to Android-based smartphones instead of Symbian, leaving Nokia to be the last one remaining. The last of a Symbian Nokia original was truly a masterpiece, the 808 PureView which was incorporated with Carl Zeiss with a whopping 41-megapixel camera. After that, they unveiled its first Windows Phone 7 in 2011 and marked a steady downfall of the most beloved Phone Company. It found itself locked horns with iOS and Android Phones in the market where these two mobile operating systems were consistently bringing out new updates and monopolizing the whole market. Windows phones could do very little in terms of innovation and flexibility despite being backed up by Microsoft and its features. Consumers also found the App Store and Play Store to be more convenient compared to Microsoft Store.

Before everything was said and done, Nokia reset its journey very small and humble as a solid block of aluminum. Amidst flagships like Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 and Google Pixel, the humble Nokia 6 might not possess the evident awesomeness but the company is staying true to its roots. From plastics and colors that typically cased the Lumia family, this new version sports for a more “blast for the past” look, while shedding off all its attributes of a Windows Phone.

Writing this ‘transition’ article is a bittersweet experience, as you can imagine. Nokia has been every 90’s kid’s first phone. Now the big question is, will Nokia survive this phase?

We believe that they still have many surprises to unveil and odds to beat.

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