How to Turn a Regular TV into Smart TV

You may have bought your TV way before android TVs were available or convenient to buy, or you didn’t know about the existence of such thing, that there are TVs out there with smart features which can make your leisure hours more entertaining. In a country like ours where most of the channels don’t have HD features and even if they do, our cable operators don’t have the capacity to cast them maintaining the best quality for our Large Screen TV devices. As a result, we end up watching low resolution, blurry imaged regular boring programs on our Expensive TV Screens.

Reguler to Smart TV in Bangladesh

Getting a set-top box for your TV may sound a good idea, but there are much more things that you can do with your favorite TV by making it android. Imagine all the smart features you used to do on your phone, now you can do with your dumb TV.  All you have to do is just to buy an Android Device compatible with your TV. Afterward just connect the device to your TV and it is good to go.

Android TV in Bangladesh

Simple Steps in Turning Your TV from Regular to Smart

Here are the lists of major things you will be able to do with your TV after connecting with a compatible Android device:

  1. Browse the Internet with Chrome
  2. Streaming your favorite movies
  3. Netflix and YouTube in HD and 4K
  4. International news and TV
  5. Gaming
  6. Watching Live Sports
  7. New music through Pandora or Google Music

Now let’s talk about how you can make your TV, and Android TV:

Box it Up

Android boxes are very cheap nowadays. OTT android box is one of them with the best features and supports. This device is available in different android versions and capable of delivering the most of the facilities that you can ask from an actual android TV.

Android Box in Bangladesh

You can buy one for your own from the given links below:

Add Some Android

If you’re an Android user the new and improved Chromecast streamer is a great option for HDMI-enabled TVs (and a handy thing to travel with, as it can turn hotel TVs into Chromecast TVs).

But that’s not the only Android option. There’s Nvidia’s excellent Shield, which is great for gamers as well as a superb TV streamer, while for tighter budgets there are stacks of cheap and cheerful casting devices like EZcast, Miracast etc.

Chromecast Streamer in Bangladesh

Give it Some Stick

If your TV has a spare HDMI socket, a TV stick such as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick is one of the simplest ways to make your TV smart.

The device provides access to iPlayer, Demand 5, BBC News and sport, STV, YouTube, Vimeo, Netflix and Amazon’s own video service. We like it a lot. As with all TV streamers, some services such as Netflix also require a separate subscription.

Amazon Fire TV Stick in Bangladesh

Connect a Console

The Xbox 360 and PS3 both offer decent TV services (the Wii wasn’t quite so good due to its lower spec, although it does do iPlayer if you’ve got one lying around).Their successors, the Xbox One and PS4, are better still – although if your TV isn’t huge you’re probably better off with the old ones unless you also desperately want to play next-gen titles such as Halo 5.

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