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Make Your Mother’s Life Easier

You know that she has sacrificed a whole lot while you were growing up. She didn’t eat the stuff, she thought you wouldn’t enjoy even though it was her favorite food. She spent sleepless nights just because you were sick. She nurtured you and made the person you are now today. Now it is time for you to put some thought while buying gifts for her this Mother’s Day. Give her things which will make her life easier and will remind her of you every time that product. Yes, this Mother’s Day gives your mother something she can get used out of instead of giving flowers and cards. We are here to help you this Mother’s Day so that you can pick the best for her.

Top 5 Gift Ideas Your Mom Would Appreciate



As soon as new smartphone comes on the market you know you have got to have it. But did you ever consider buying a new phone for your mother? She probably has been using the same phone for a very long time. Get her to switch to the smartphone and introduce her to the world of the internet this mother’s day. Take a selfie with her and make her day even more special.


Mixer, Chopper or Oven

We all know that, no matter how much she says she is tired of cooking for us, she actually loves doing it. Baking is a skill which most us inherited from our mothers. Give her an oven so that you both can enjoy quality time while baking. From BDT 5,000 onwards you will be able to find good Electronic Oven online.

It takes a long to cut and chop vegetables, so why not give her a chopper or a food processor. Processor or choppers are relatively cheaper than Ovens, prices start from BDT 3,500.

Blender and Mixers are great gifts as they help our mother grind masalas for making amazing curry dishes. It is high time that she switches to mixers from mortar and pestle. Blender and mixers are quite reasonable and try buying them with warranty options.


Bluetooth Speaker or Headphone

Got a groovy mom who loves music? Bluetooth speaker, headphones or earphones will the perfect gift for her. These products are extremely reasonable and long-lasting. You can find Bluetooth speakers starting from BDT 700, headphones starting from BDT 159 and earphones starting from BDT 190 online.


Air Conditioner or Air Cooler

Even though these are a bit high-end products for gifts, but trust us when say this it will be worth. The heat outside is unbearable. An AC or Air Cooler will definitely make this weather much more manageable. Not only that, your mother now will enjoy Good Night Sleep. From BDT 30,000 onwards you will be able to find good Air Conditioners online. Whereas if you are looking for cheaper options but you can buy Air Coolers, prices start from BDT 8,500 online.



Remember the images you mother used to click when you were a kid? Don’t you still see them reminisce your childhood by watching those pictures? Gift her camera so that she can capture moments with you and with her grandkids. There is a lot of options to choose from, you can get her Instax, Digital or DSLR camera. Prices vary from product to product.


Regardless, if you can’t buy anything for your mother this Mother’s Day, just give her a hug and say that you love her. Because to her your time and effort will mean more than a physical gift. Remember this lady put a lot of thought into your upbringing. So this is your chance to put a thought for her comfort. Wishing you all “Happy Mother’s Day”.

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