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Know Your Appliances: Which One to Choose?

Food Processor vs Food Chopper

We know that you often get confused while shopping for kitchen appliance. Especially the appliances are very similar in terms of their looks and functionality.  For example: Food processor and Chopper. Both products might seem similar but actually vary a lot. Let’s find out why:

Food Processor:choose one from food processor or food chopper

It is fairly larger than a chopper; can hold 7 to 12 cups of food at a time. You can chop, grade & slice vegetables, mix dough & cake batters and make purees & chutneys. It has feeding tube through which you can add ingredients one at time.


Food Chopper:

The size of chopper is small than processor; can hold 1 to 4 cups of food at a time. You can only chop, grade & slice vegetables and make purees & chutneys in chopper.  It is a great appliance as it occupies only a small portion of your cabinet.

Food Processor

Food Chopper

Size Can hold 7 to 12 cups of food at a time Can hold 1 to 4 cups of food at a time
Functionality Can chop, mix dough’s and make purees Can make purees and chop
Cost As it has higher functionality, the cost of this product is much higher than chopper Relatively inexpensive than processor
Ease of Cleaning It takes much more time to clean. It is obviously easier to clean.
Users People who are actually into cooking know that food processor will get their job done. People who want to save time and only cook’s basic food needs this one in hand, as it save a ton of time.

So the choice is yours; if you are a heavy user you know you need a food processor but if you are always in a hurry you need a chopper on your counter.

Blender vs Juicer

Similar to processor and chopper, people tend to confused before buying blender and juicer. Why spend on a juicer when can do the same with blender? Wrong! Here is why-



Just mixes the Ingredients (With pulp and seeds) Extracts juice out of fruits and vegetables, separating it from the pulp and seeds
You can make purees, smoothies, milk shakes and liquefy other food materials You can get fresh juice out of fruits and vegetables
It takes bit more time to process ingredients Within seconds you will healthy juice every time.
Easier to clean A bit complicated to clean has many parts.

juicing vs blending: which one is betterThe main difference is pulp. A juicer extracts pure juice out of the fruit or vegetable leaving the pulp/fiber and seeds behind. A blender liquefies every ingredient without separating the pulp and the juice.


You can only make juice with juicer; whereas can make a lot of things of blender. Both the products are a must have if you are in a weight loss mission.

With this information we hope now you can make much better decision. Knowing your appliance will help you get the most out of them.

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