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How You Can Earn Reward Points at Pickaboo

What if someone told you that you can shop and save at the same time? Even if it might seem unbelievable, you can actually do that. For making online shopping experience, even more, fun, introduced reward points. To reap this benefit you will have to sign up and shop at

You can earn these points through products purchased; select specific payment & delivery method, by signing up or simply by referring to your friends and family. These reward points will turn to store credit the next time you visits the for shopping. You will receive Tk. 1 store credit per 10 points. You can also use these reward points to get discounts, free shipping and much more on your next purchases. That is not all; with higher points, you can avail exclusive deals and offers. Now isn’t that amazing?

Pickaboo Reward Points

Points Earning Procedure


You will see an option as reward points on our checkout page, Please sign in and you will see available points to use.

Reward Points Chart

reward-pointYou will get Tk. 1 per 10 points. For Example: If you have 10,000 points that mean you have Tk. 1000 store credit on your account.

Now shop, earn and save only on Pickaboo. Happy online shopping.

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