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Different Types of Headphones

There are different types of headphones available on the market, and you may get confused when you are trying to figure out which kind of headphones you want to buy. Headphones come in a lot of different sizes and shapes. Different earphones are designed for different purposes. Larger headphones usually provide better sound quality but weight heavier. Whereas in-ear earphones are very convenient, but the sound quality is not good as larger one. This article will help you to find out the suitable one as per your need:


(1) Earbuds Headphones

These headphones are very small, portable and offer good sound quality for a cheap price. Some very popular version of Earbuds Headphones offers excellent sound quality at a reasonable price. Some brands like Philips and Sennheiser innovate ear-hook designed earbuds for better performance.


(2) In-Ear Headphones

Many smartphone manufacturers around the world now include them inside the box as a standard offering. These types of headphones offer best price-to-performance ratio to the users. Various ear-tips sizes of Large, Medium and Small either made up of Memory Foam or Silicone is included with the package of In-Ear Headphones.


(3) On-Ear Headphones

These types of headphones cover ear canals, rather than cover entire ear. They usually have a closed back and are well preferred for both indoor and outdoor usage. On-Ear Headphones are lightweight causing less strain on ears and neck. At loud volumes sound can leak from these headphones.


(4) Over-Ear Headphones

Over-Ear Headphones equipped with ear cups that cover listeners entire ear. This kind of headphones is very large compared to other types of headphones. These headphones are very comfortable to wear for extended period of time. Some new models are less power consuming and work superbly well with smartphones.


(a) Closed Back Over-Ear Headphones

Closed back headphones are very popular among average day consumers because of many affordable ranges. Usually, the backside of these big headphones is closed which prevent external ambient noise and at the same time evading sound leakage.


(b) Open Back Over-Ear Headphones

The backside of these types of headphones is completely open. Open back headphones allow external ambient noise to enter in the ear cans. But still, these headphones are popular for offering phenomenal and exceptional sound quality to music lovers.


(5) In-Ear-Canal Headphones

This specialized earphone insert deep into user’s ear canal. Earphones like this are popular among crazy music lover and super audio enthusiast. since it sits very deep in-ear, noise isolation and excellent fit are the main characteristics of this type of headphones. This weird headphone shoot sounds deep into your eardrums causing remarkable bass quality.


(6) Wireless Headphones

There are exactly three types of Wireless Headphones: Infrared Headphones, Radio-Frequency Headphones, and Bluetooth Headphones. They are preferred indoors as well as outdoors. By eliminating the wire part these types of headphones allow its users to use it anywhere and everywhere they go.


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  • Thanks for pointing out the different types of headphones available. Sound quality is very important to me, so the open back over-ear headphones sound great for me. I think when choosing headphones, it’s very important to consider how you’ll be using them. For example, if a teacher were to buy headphones for his classroom, he’d want some durable headsets that don’t cost too much.

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