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Cleaning Hacks For Your Kitchen Gadgets

We all can agree on one thing that development of technology has helped us save a ton time, especially while doing household chores. From making coffee to a heating food we have become very dependent on the kitchen appliance. Often we forget that we need to take care of them as well. You might think who has the time for that? Well, you do. As these hacks we are about to reveal to you, will help you clean your kitchen appliance in minutes:

(1) Microwave:

The only things you will need are a microwave safe bowl, vinegar, baking soda and a clean cloth or sponge. Take equal parts of water and vinegar in a bowl. Mix in baking soda. Then heat the bowl for maximum 10 minutes (As power level varies from microwave to microwave). Let the bowl sit in the microwave before taking it out (make sure that you are wearing oven mitts when taking the bowl out). Then clean the oven with clean sponge or cloth.


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(2) Coffee Maker:

As much as we love this machine, to get a good cup of coffee after a certain time we need to clean this. You will a few cups of water and white vinegar to clean your beloved coffee machine.  At first, fill the reservoir with equal parts of white vinegar and half water. Turn the coffee maker on and let it brew. Let the coffee mug get filled a couple of times and let it sit for 45 minutes. Finally, let it run through one more with just water to get rid of the odor of the vinegar.


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(3) Toaster:

Breakfast essential toaster has been around since 90’s. Toaster helps mom’s to quick and easy breakfast but cleaning it can a task. As it leaves a lot of crumbs, cleaning it is a messy task. Even though this hack will make it a lot easier and you will want to clean it more often.

To start with open your crumb tray at first. Take the tray and dump the crumb in the trash. If your toaster does not have a tray then make it upside down and shake to get most of the crumbs out. Wash these trays with soapy water. Put aside to let them dry completely. Clean excess crumbs using a pastry brush.



Now clean the entire toaster with a clean cloth or towel. Stainless steel exterior must be cleaned with vinegar.


Put the crumb trays back into place. Doesn’t your toaster look much better now with all the crumbs gone? Yes, it does.


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(4) Blender:

It can be very time-consuming washing blender alone. But this hack will ease your life. After using your blender, do not unplug it. Just put water & dishwashing liquid soap in your blender and close the lid properly. Than on lowest power let the blender clean itself. Switch off the power and rinse with water. Now, wasn’t that simple.


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Please maintain safety during cleaning these kitchen gadgets. Use lemon juice instead of vinegar, if vinegar is not available. Remember cleaning your kitchen gadgets increases the longevity of the product. We hope that now you will clean your kitchen appliance more often.

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