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The Best Gift is Giving from Your Heart

2018 gifts in Bangladesh

With 2017 coming to an end, how about giving some real love to your dear ones and ending this year on a good note?

Gift giving has always been a language of conveying love and appreciation. But don’t just buy gifts on a whim, give them with the utmost love and care. Observe mindfulness, speak to the intention and emotion of the gift, so that it doesn’t seem like an obligation.

Giving 2018 Gifts in Bangladesh

Ever asked yourself when was the last time you thanked or appreciated your partner, parents, even grandparents, or other family and friends who live far away? Our expressions of love have become quite limited to days on a calendar. While Valentine’s day is a much celebrated day of love, other than the occasional birthdays, anniversaries, we rarely take the time to reflect upon and truly appreciate the ones who make our lives so much better. But why should it have to be limited by calendar days? In times like these, why not make a change for this coming year?

New Year’s resolutions can be a bit daunting, especially that which requires entire lifestyle changes. Whether someone wants to lose a little weight, gain some muscle, or just get healthier, everyone appreciates a few presents that make the journey a bit easier. However, there’s one resolution, one which is easier to keep than every past un-kept resolutions. And that is – to be more appreciative of our dear ones in a mindful and considerate way.

2018 Resolution Gift in Bangladesh

Not to stress you out, but 2018 is only 11 days away. It’s tempting to feel that our gifts will only count as long as we are spending vast amounts of money on the latest trends. However, there are plenty of other ways to outwardly express your love, gratitude, and festiveness. Instead of an ornamental gift, invest in products that have a more practical value. Make a custom mixed music tape, take a drive with everyone, write good old-fashioned letters, plan a special night out with dinner and other forms of human connections that aren’t necessarily tied to consumerism. It might not be literally wrapped up with a bow, but it will be worth a lot more.

Gifting should not be about money at all, it should be about giving something lovingly that we know will be appreciated.

Gifting From Heart in Bangladesh on 2018

I’m sure we have all had that moment of opening a gift and pretending to like it because the person has spent too much money with little thought behind the gift.

Love and happiness cannot be bought from a store counter but thoughtful gifts can be, with the right person kept in mind. Although it is heart-warming to give and receive gifts, the real value of the gift is the sentiments of the giver.

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