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Under 999 Taka Essentials for 9 Types of People


Different People, Different Needs! Not everyone will require the same thing. For a music lover, one high-quality bluetooth speaker will mean something and for a hardcore gamer, a good pair of game-pad will signify something else. After carefully analyzing the different needs of different people, PickaBlog is here to suggest best “under 999 products” for 9  kinds of people:

Type 1: Workaholic Professionals

We know how much you are dedicated to your career goals. All your day-long and all-nighters show that. To make your work more effective and efficient get yourself some handy computer accessories like the wireless keyboard, bluetooth mouse, pendrive, USB cable, converter, and charger.


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Type 2: Hardcore Gamers

Enjoy your game to the fullest with the dual vibration gamepad. Play your favorite sports and racing games at ease with a USB controller on your hand. You can use a laptop cooler pad while playing any high-resolution game on your laptop to keep your laptop cool and not get overheated.


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Type 3: Internet Crawlers

Internet has become an integral part of our life. And maybe for some people, it’s more! For the many social butterflies, online professionals, gamers, hackers, YouTubers, and Bloggers what can be more valuable than USB Wifi RouterWifi Amplifier, and Internet Security Software.


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Type 4: Music Lovers

Maybe you eat, breathe and sleep  music. Probably listening to music is more than a hobby to you. Then why not get yourself one good headphone and speaker at a reasonable price. And if you are a bathroom singer then why not give it a real shot and test your singing skills by recording your voice with a microphone.


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Type 5: Groomed Ones

Stay groomed and stay sharp. Gone are the tiring days of salon visits, its time to bring the expert team home. Now you can trim your hair or beard at home by simply buying a good trimmersaving yourself a whole bundle of money and a time. But if you are one who is not experienced at cutting your own hair,  leave your haircut to the barber!


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Type 6: Fashionable Ones

Being fashionably late does not mean having to spend long hours in front of the mirror. Save yourself the time on hair styling by owning the best hair straightener available on the market. Whether you have got thick, fine, curly or straight locks, a good hair dryer will tame your hair and leave them looking salon-styled from the comfort of your home. And the best part, you can look fabulous without the beauty parlor hassle.


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Type 7: Creative Minds

Unleash your creativity with the help of some handy tools. For arts & crafts and quick-n-easy patch-ups, nothing beats the benefits of a hot glue gun.  Unlike other adhesives, hot glue goes on smoothly, dries fast and holds firm when applied to all sorts of different surfaces.


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Type 8: Master Cooks

Love to cook delicious spicy dishes for your loved ones and for your spice craving taste bud? Then you will know all too well the importance of a good grinder in your kitchen. Electric grinders are excellent because they make quick work of a variety of spices.


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Type 9: Health-Conscious Persons

If you are a believer of a healthy living and already use a fitness tracker like Xiaomi Mi Band 2 to track your daily steps and heartbeat or track down how sound did you sleep last night. Then add some extra Camouflage Straps to your collection to live a healthy life with style on it.


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