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5 Reasons You Should Spend More On Your Next Laptop

Lenovo Laptop

Searching for a cheap laptop may force you to give up many tangible benefits, which means inexpensive laptops often come with poor value. But not always with every brand! What if you can get a laptop with better configurations but still cost you less. Pickaboo offering high-configured and low-priced Lenovo laptops to their customers with up to 1,000 taka off.

While Lenovo is bringing low-priced laptops with high-configurations, many other brands on the market selling laptops with cheap price and low specs following the matching principle. Therefore, to make your life easier and better, PickaBlog stating why you should pay more for your new laptop as not every brand is like Lenovo:

Durable Goods

One of the first concepts you will learn in any basic economics or business class is that of durable goods. A durable good is an item that provides utility over a long period of time just like a laptop. Paying more for a superior durable good ends up rewarding you over and over again, every time you use it. A better, faster, more usable laptop can decrease the time you spend waiting for a video encode, increase your typing accuracy, and make entertainment far more enjoyable.

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Entertainment Value

On average, a regular laptop user will spend much of the leisure time engaging in just-for-fun activities such as gaming or watching videos on the laptop. Some cheap laptops offer a better display as an upgrade, but only premium laptops commonly come with high-quality displays as standard equipment. 1080p should be considered the minimum standard of acceptable quality. Some laptops go a step further, offering 1440p or even 4K. You can get better only by spending more.

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Battery Life

Companies often slash battery life to make sure they can sell a laptop at a low price level. Batteries are expensive and not many standards exist for validating battery-life claims. This means a manufacturer can sell a laptop with a small battery while still advertising endurance that seems reasonable. Almost every laptop that configured with a great hardware has a great battery also. But, you do not have to spend so much for a better battery either. Most well budget laptops can easily exceed six hours of life unless they are specifically designed for high-end gaming.

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Solid-State Drive

A solid-state drive remains the most important single contributor to the everyday performance of a laptop. This is mostly due to their near-instant access times. This disk does not need to spin up and a read/write head does not need to move also, so data starts flowing a few milliseconds after the command. SSDs are quite expensive per gigabyte of storage than mechanical disks, and that means they are hardly found in inexpensive laptops. Treating yourself to solid-state storage should be considered mandatory.

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Processor Performance

The quad-core processor has become an appealing option for laptops as chip efficiency has improved. A modern Intel Quad-core can easily double up the performance of a dual-core system in multi-core tests. Quad-cores are extremely rare in 13-inch notebooks, so if you are going small, then it’s not an option. But for the many who buy a 14-inch or 15-inch system, a quad-core processor can make a lot of sense and is worth extra cash. The significant boost in performance means a longer operational lifespan.

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PickaBlog doesn’t recommend buying something you can not afford, but for most people, the difference between a great laptop and an OK one is just a couple thousand taka. But if you go for Lenovo laptops, you may experience something really different which you didn’t expect.

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