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18 Perfect Gifts for 18 Kinds of Friends

Friendship Day

As we go through life, we meet hundreds, if not thousands, of people and some of those people will become close enough to be called friends. Those friends come in all kinds of different forms though. Gift them the perfect gifts on this friendship day. Here is the list of 18 gifts for your 18 kinds of friends:

Selfie Stick

For Your Selfie Queen Friends

Make your selfie freak friend’s life easier and better by gifting her one good quality selfie stick, so that she can hold to that “Selfie Queen” title.

Yunteng YT-1288 Monopod Selfie Stick

Trimmer & Shaver

For Your Groomed Friends

What can be more perfect than a complete set of trimmer and shaver for your well-groomed friend who always likes to grab the attention of people.

Kemei 8 in 1 Grooming Kit Shaver & Trimmer And Nose Trimmer Km-680A


For Your Gold Fish Buddies

One of the best gifts for this type of friends can be a pendrive as they always forget things. At least you can help out your friend with storing data in flash drive, not his mind.

Adata UV128 16GB USB 3.0 Pendrive-Yellow

Table Lamp

For Your Nerd Friends

Let him do what he likes to do always. Give him one rechargeable table lamp with LED light and power bank so that he can wake up all the night and READ!

SMODO 4000 MAH Power Bank with LED light (SMODO MS-279K)

Presentation Pointer

For Your Professional Friends

As he always gives the breakthrough presentations so why not make his presentation more professional and perfect with a USB wireless remote pen presenter.

USB Wireless Remote Pen Presenter

Laptop Table

For Your Lazy Mates

Make your lazy friend more lazy as that all he wants. Just gift him one ergonomic laptop desk so that he can use his laptop while laying on the bed or sitting on the sofa.

Ergonomic Laptop Desk

Hair Straightening Brush

For Your Fashion Icon Friends

Let this shining star shin always by gifting her one quality hair straightening brush. Buy her one easily portable hair grooming brush so that she can carry it with her always.

Cnaier Face Massager Set 6 in 1 AE-8283

Hand Mixer

For Your Baker Friends

Give one handy cooking gadget to the master chef of your gang. With the hand mixer machine, she can make her favorite bakeries very easily and happily.

Miyako Egg Beater (HM620) - White

Power Bank

For Your Extrovert Buddies

As she talks with so many people, chats with so many Facebook Friends and sometimes also goes to Live, so what could be better than a high capacity power bank for her.

Xiaomi Mi 10000 mah Power Bank 2

Fitness Band

For Your Gym Rat Pals

When you are in deep trouble may be this is the friend who comes to save you. So keep your health conscious friend healthier by gifting him one trendy fitness band.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

In-Ear Headphones

For Your Workohlic Pals

The busy dude of your office and group. Gift him one small gift such as headphone, so that he can put some enjoyment to his workaholic life.

Xiaomi Mi In-Ear Headphones Basic

Glue Gun

For Your Creative Friends

Let your creative friend cross her limit and reach the sky, oh just kidding! Gift her one good quality glue gun, so that she can do some magic work with it every day.

Camel Glue Gun (GG5)

USB WiFi Router

For Your Tech Freak Buddies

If you are a bit technically handicap person then you know what this guy means to you. Just gift him one USB WiFi Router and he will happily help you out next time.

Xiaomi USB Wifi Router

Wireless Headphones

For Your Music Lover Friends

As he is always floating in the ocean of music, therefore gift him one wireless headphone. So that when you are saying something serious to him you can easily snatch it from his ear.

Remax Headphone (RM-S2)

Gaming Controller

For Your Game Lover Friends

Gift one cool gaming controller along with some awesome new games to your hardcore game lover friend. He will surely cherish it a lot.

Astrum GP 210 Gamepad Vibration Analog For PC

Portable Fan

For Your Angry Mates

Don’t be afraid to give her this gift as this USB mini water cooler fan will always keep her cool at work or on pressure. Have some gut and simply gift her that.

USB Mini Water Cooler Fan

Beauty Tool Kit

For The Miss Gorgeous Mates

Beauty toolkits are definitely the best gifts for this beautiful and favorite friend of yours. Get her one good face massager set, she will love it a lot for sure.

Cnaier Face Massager Set 6 in 1 AE-8283

Fidget Spinner

For The Trendy Windy Friends

This kind of peoples always craves for something very trendy, funny, and interesting. Fidget spinner will be a perfect gift for your trendy windy buddy in this 2017 friendship day.

Harry Potter Snitch Fidget Spinner - Gold

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