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12 Last Minute Eid Gift Ideas


Having trouble deciding on a good gift idea for your loved ones this Eid? Have no fear, PickaBlog is here to save your precious time, sweat and money. We are here to list down 12 great Eid gift ideas; your loved ones will thank you for:

#1 Smartwatch or Fitness Tracker

Amidst the trendsetter generation, the fit-bands and fitness trackers have truly taken over the hype in 2017. None more than the new Xiaomi Mi Band 2, which has managed to dominate the Bangladeshi market for those with a tight budget.


#2 Brand New Smartphone

In order to celebrate the holiday cheer, most stores give great value sales. This is your chance to get your loved one the phone s/he has been pining over to buy. So hurry before they run out and grab your favorite smartphone.


#3 Great Quality Headphones

Why not pair that new smartphone with a great set of earphones to make the experience more enjoyable. Currently, there is a wide range of headphones available in the Bangladesh market within all price ranges.


#4 VR Headset

VR Headsets have really taken over portable entertainment. Having just an HD phone resolution is no longer enough. A VR Gear only enhances the experience to give the wearer an elevated experience of being in a movie theater.


#5 Power Bank

Everyone who uses a smartphone is guilty of stealing their friend’s charging cable at some point in time. With all the apps and social media surfing, no matter how lasting the built-in battery may be, we always seem to run out of battery before the day ends. Make a smart choice, whether it’s self-indulgence or a gift for your loved ones, a Power Bank is a much-needed staple.


#6 Surround Sound Home Theater

Is your loved one a regular at the movie theater and they are burning a hole in your pocket from purchasing all those movie tickets? Why not bring the movie theater to them this Eid and enjoy some quality entertainment from the comforts of your own home? Just buy one surround sound home theater system for him/her.


#7 Pair That Home Theater with A Quality TV Box

There is nothing worse than finding your DVD has a “Hall Print” movie. Instead of relying on cheap movie quality, ensure that you have access to HD quality movies at the touch of a fingertip to elevate the experience of that home theater you have bought. Invest in a good quality and reliable TV Box.


#8 Something Fun for The Little Ones

Do you have little ones at home? Make this their best Eid and gift them the Gaming Consoles they have always wanted. If you already have a Smart TV or an Android TV Box, their experience of playing games on the big screen will be truly a learning experience.


#9 Invest in Some Good Home Appliances

Are you tired of carrying the over-sized gas cylinders in the kitchen, or having to skip dinner so that you don’t have to wash the dishes, even stopped bringing guests over to your home from the fear of having to clean the floors later? Make a good investment this Eid, get your family the luxuries of technology with the sole purpose of making their life a lot easier. Get some quality home and kitchen appliances in this Eid.


#10 Air Purifier

Shower your loved ones with a kiss of good health. Go for a healthier and economic gift and what better gift than a good night’s sound sleep in the safety of their own homes this precious Eid. Don’t let the dull and tiring city life steal their peace, gift an Air Purifier. Not only will they thank you for the good sleep, but their health will too.


#11 Rechargeable Trimmer or Grooming Kit

Figuring out gifts for the men in the family has always been a head-scratcher. But one thing all men have in common is “beards” and whether they are keeping it long, or wearing it short a good quality trimmer is a staple for every bathroom. Invest in a good quality trimmer or grooming kit that will last them long enough until the next Eid.


#12 Gift Vouchers or Coupons

Not sure about what to buy, do not fret. Here’s a gift that every living person will love and use. Gift Cards & Vouchers have become a trend over the last few years. The amount varies from store to store and the category of the products. This allows the person to buy something that they might want or need from that store.


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